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Cryptocurrency and Tokenized Exchange Assets Exchange

Trade on the stock and cryptocurrency markets with the ability to INSURE transactions against loss
from 1 to 30 days


World currencies
available on trading accounts


cryptocurrencies and stock market assets

WIXI insurance protects the position from loss for a period of 1 to 30 days and returns the resulting loss on PNL. Trading with insurance expands the possibility of risk management, allowing you to be confident in your trading strategy.

Why Choose WIXI?

The ability to trade more than 200 assets of the cryptocurrency and stock markets in a convenient terminal, with the ability to insure a position against losses and liquidation of a deposit

Ability to deposit
in all major world currencies

Convenient verification

Global transfers

Sample Products

Spot trading

The WIXI Spot terminal allows you to buy and sell more than 200 of the most liquid assets of the cryptocurrency and stock markets.

Margin trading

The WIXI Margin terminal allows you to trade with a leverage of up to 100 and make super profits. By insuring margin positions, increase your capital without losing a PNL deposit.

Transaction insurance

The WIXI Insurance terminal opens up the possibility of risk-free trading on the cryptocurrency and stock markets. Positions are insured both on the WIXI exchange and on external platforms without access to a personal account.


Cryptocurrency exchange with the ability to trade more than 100 of the most popular cryptocurrencies on Spot and Margin terminals. The Insurance Terminal allows you to protect your positions from losses, both on the Wixi Exchange and on external platforms (Mexc, Gate, Binance, Huobi, Kucoin, Bybit, etc.).

WIXI Ecosystem

A unique crypto ecosystem for traders, merchants, and payment systems

Token Ownership Benefits

Opportunity to increase your capital with the growth of the WIXI.EXCHANGE

Reduced commissions on all WIXI ecosystem products

Access to early stages on the launchpad in the WIXI ecosystem

Increasing income from staking/farming

Access to proprietary analytics on cryptocurrency and stock markets

Robust Tokenomics
— the key to project success

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Balanced token distribution

Transparent management and decision-making

Scalable economic development model




Launch of insurance of transactions based on cryptocurrency structured products on the WIXI exchange
The ability to insure transactions placed on external TOP30 exchanges - Binance, Huobi, Bybit, MEXC and Gate, etc.
Token listing on DEX and WIXI Ecosystem
Launchpad for third-party projects
Farming and staking of the WIXI token


WIXI ecosystem bot in Telegram
Mobile application of the WIXI ecosystem on iOS and Android
Listing on CEX (Binance, Huobi, Bybit, MEXC, Gate, etc.)
Cryptocurrency structured products for institutional clients
AI for Cryptocurrency Structured Products
OTC ecosystem for 34 global regions

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What is the WIXI ecosystem

Crypto ecosystem for traders, merchants and payment systems. The WIXI.EXCHANGE exchange provides access to more than 100 popular cryptocurrencies through the Spot, Margin terminals and a unique Transaction Insurance terminal.

What makes WIXI unique

Unique insurance products. The opportunity to invest without losses in more than 34 regions of the world.

What benefits does the WIXI token bring to its owner

Owners of WIXI tokens get the opportunity to participate in SEED rounds, access to proprietary analytics on the cryptocurrency and stock markets, increased income from staking/farming, participation in the distribution of profits from the WIXI ecosystem, and much more.

What advantages does the WIXI Spot and Margin terminal provide

WIXI Spot and Margin terminals allow you to trade more than 100 cryptocurrencies at the best prices.

What is WIXI Insurance

The WIXI Insurance terminal is a unique product on the market that allows you to insure all your transactions against losses both on the WIXI exchange and on most world crypto exchanges.

Why is WIXI.EXCHANGE personal account convenient

The WIXI personal account allows you to top up accounts in all world currencies, provides convenient verification and the ability to make transfers around the world.

What areas does WIXI use AI in

WIXI uses AI to structure cryptocurrency products and provide analytics on the cryptocurrency and stock markets.

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